Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And then I smell 'em

So last week I shared with my friend Beth this really disgusting thing Ellie has been doing lately. The first words out of her mouth (after "Oh, that's gross!") were "You should blog about that." I wasn't so sure -- I've written about my left nipple, but I didn't know if I was ready to venture into the territory dictated by Ellie's latest shenanigan.

So I consulted Emily at Mommin' It Up, and asked her if I should write about Ellie's new habit, or if it would be considered a serious overshare. I reminded her that her blog has covered the topic of poop on more than one occasion, thinking this might tip the scales in my favor. Her response was "JENNY has blogged about poop. I have not."

So, much to Beth's dismay, I did not blog about Ellie's new little habit. But today I'm thinking I should. I've been inspired by my buddy Andrea at MommySnacks, who tweeted today about her little sweet potato yakking all over everything, and by Jennifer at Playgroups are No Place for Children, who blogged about her bathroom experiences after overindulging in jalapeno nachos.

So, since I'm in such fine company, let me (over)share with you that my daughter has turned into Mary Katherine Gallagher. You remember Mary Katherine -- the Saturday Night Live "superstar" who stuck her fingers in her armpits and smelled them when she got nervous. Ellie has acquired a similar habit. Only she doesn't stick her fingers in her armpits.

Every time I change the child's diaper, she puts her hands in her . . . um . . . girly parts and sniffs them. Then she holds them out to me and says "Nasty."

Yes, you read that right.

WHERE did she learn this little trick?! I can assure you, it's not something she's seen demonstrated at home, at the sitter's, or at Grandma's. She has never watched a late-night skit featuring Molly Shannon. Not even on YouTube.

It's reached the point that I avoid changing her diaper in a public restroom -- I don't want anyone to wonder what in God's name I'm teaching my child.

The way I figure it, Ellie learned this charming little ritual from the same person who taught her it's okay to strip naked and pee in her bed. I don't know who's teaching her this stuff, but if I ever find out, I'm going to pee in their bed.

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