Friday, June 26, 2009

Memories . . . all alone in the moonlight

Sorry for the title of this post -- you'll probably have that stuck in your head the rest of the day. If you follow me on Twitter or have friended (befriended?) me on Facebook, you know I've been on an Andrew Lloyd Webber kick the last couple of days. This was inspired by Mark Sanford, the illustrious governor of the great state of South Carolina, who just confessed to an affair with a woman in Argentina. Talk about your long-distance relationships. Thanks to him, I've been singing "Don't cry for Mark Sanford, Argentina . . ." since Thursday morning.

But I digress. The reason I mention memories is because I'm going to share some with you, and I have to admit this post is for me, not you. So you can stop reading now, if you want -- I'll understand.

I realized recently that Ellie is now two years old, and I've never created that baby book that all kids are supposed to have. I have photos from our trip to Vietnam, but they're mostly online, not in an album (except for the album Grandma gave us -- thanks, G-Ma!). I have a lock of hair from her first haircut, but it's in a baggie, not the special envelope that comes with the baby book. I have all the papers from the doctor's office, telling me how much she's weighed at each check-up, but they're in a pile with some other medical records. They are NOT lovingly pasted into a scrapbook like they should be.

Then I realized that this blog is essentially my version of a baby book. All the things about Ellie's life that I want to remember are going to end up here, even if they never make it into a scrapbook. When I want to share stories about her childhood with her, this is where I'll go to remind myself of them. When I want to remind her that she once called the babysitter a dumbass, here is the place I'll look for that little tidbit from her toddlerhood.

So, with that in mind, I want to share with you (and with my daughter) some of the funny things she's saying as she learns to talk. I find that I already can't remember details of her earliest words -- I don't want that to happen as she says more things and gets ever funnier. So if you're not interested, head on over to another of your favorite blogs. I'll be back on Monday.

Ellie can identify most of the Winnie the Pooh characters by name. Tidder and Poop are pretty funny, as is Eee-ya. But my favorite is Pigtit. I keep asking her who that little pink pig is, just so I can hear her say it.

She is currently in the habit of telling me that everything is "nassy." Even if it's just regular old dirt, like in the front yard, it's nassy. So are wet towels, gum on the bottom of her shoe, poopy diapers and spilled apple juice.

She hangs out in her playroom in the mornings while I get dressed. Usually I turn on a movie of some sort for her while she plays with her toys. When she wants a movie, she asks for a wah-dee. Somehow I know exactly what she's talking about.

Books and beds are both described with the all-purpose word "bah." Her cousin calls the phone a "bah." Yet I always know what she means, and if her cousin says it, I know what that means, too. Weird.

A swing is a "whee," as is a slide. I guess if that's what you say when you're on it, that must be its name.

Her first words were "shoes" and "juice," which, in Ellie-speak, sound just alike. But I usually know which one she wants. And how appropriate is it that my kid's first word was "shoe?"

The first thing she said that was really intelligible was "see ya!" (Actually it was more like "shee ya!") She said this every time I left the room, every time we left someone's house, and every time we passed someone in the aisle at Wal-Mart. It was the cutest thing ever, and she doesn't say it anymore. I try to get her to, but she won't. She's outgrown it. Sigh.

She can identify horsies, piggies, doggies and cats. If you ask her what a sheep is, she says "baaaah." And cows are "ooooooos."

There's no place she'd rather be than "ou'side." If I get within 10 feet of the back door, she's screaming "OU'SIDE!! OU'SIDE!!"

The other day the two of us were in my bed, and I was lying on my right side. She pointed to my left ear and identified it, and then, grasping my chin, turned my head for me, asking "where's more?"

The cutest thing ever is when she asks me if she can brush her teese, and if I'll put lotion on her seeks.

She "reads" a number of books to me now, including Goodnight Moon, which consists of turning the pages saying "Good night. Good night. Good night." My favorite is Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, which she quotes right along with me, including the part where the pigeon screams "I'M NOT TIRED!!"

Okay, I better stop now before I cry. This little walk down memory lane has been great, but it makes me sad, too. My baby is getting so big. But with the help of this here electronic baby book, I'll be able to preserve every memory of every funny thing she says and does, and that's a priceless gift to be able to share with my daughter when she's older. Thanks for indulging me. That is all.


  1. Great memories, but you forgot my favorite. I love it when she says, "OH NO".

  2. I DO love the "oh no." She sounds like a worry wart little old lady!