Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This blog post brought to you by sisterly love

So I'm at my parents' house last night, complaining because I have nothing to blog about for Wednesday's post. I'm standing in the kitchen, having this conversation with my mom and sister, who are both busily engaged in the laborious process of coloring my sister's hair. Yes, that's right. My sister, who is nearly SEVEN YEARS younger than I, is SERIOUSLY gray. Has been for years. I, however, am not. I have only a handful of gray hairs in my whole head. Have I mentioned that I find this hilarious?

Sarah and I are both dark brunettes, so a lot of gray is kind of a big deal. My darling sister is SO gray that when I saw her on Saturday at my niece's birthday party, I thought for a minute that she had gotten highlights. Nope. Not blonde. Just a lot of gray. Against her dark brown hair. Hee hee.

So on Tuesday night she's sitting in a kitchen chair while my mom puts color on with a little basting brush. Or as my niece says, she's getting her hair painted. I'm watching this whole process with great amusement, and I say something (perhaps a little on the smartass side) about how I really don't need to color my hair yet. I have a few grays, and they bug me -- I think I notice them more than other people do. But Sarah's hair puts mine in perspective. Overall, Miss Clairol and I have no reason to be BFF at this point.

Then, from the vicinity of said kitchen chair, I hear a soft mutter:


I should probably note here that, once upon a time, Sarah would have called me a SKINNY bitch. As that is no longer applicable, tonight I am just plain BITCH. The wound is deep, but I have my layers of fat to protect me.

I hope Sarah enjoyed lashing out at me. I hope she feels better for it. I hope next time she looks in the mirror and sees her MANY gray hairs, she is better able to live with them for having called me a bitch.

Her enjoyment, however, will be brief. Why, you ask? Because I am the one with a digital camera and a blog.

This is Sarah on Saturday, pre-hair-painting. Note the large patch of gray in front. Who does she think she is? Bonnie Raitt?

This is Sarah in mid-hair-paint. I want to thank my beautiful sister for giving me something to blog about today. When I'm no longer punishing her for calling me a bitch, I'll post of photo of her looking her best. :) I love you, Lizard!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am falling off my chair in laughter!! Sorry Sarah,u know I still love you! (and your gray hair :)


  2. Dag yo! Remind me never to piss you off!

  3. Ohhh funny!!!! Em this is the best!! Sarah you are a good sport!! I would be killing you Emilie if you posted a pic like that of me LOL!!