Friday, July 24, 2009

My daughter the ogre

Maybe this makes me a terrible mom, but I let Ellie watch "Shrek." It's one of my favorite animated movies, and when I first let her see it, I really didn't think about the fact that there are some things in it that aren't quite acceptable for kids. So I let Ellie get attached to it (it's now one of her favorites, too), and then I realized that there are a lot of things in it I wouldn't want her to repeat. Like when Shrek tells Fiona that he has to save his ass.

But so far, Ellie hasn't started mimicking the stuff she hears in the film. I have yet to hear her refer to parfaits as being the most delicious things on the whole damn planet. She has not yet told me about the strong gasses eekin' out of her butt. She has not made reference to the dead broad on the table. So far, so good.

What she HAS started doing, which I did not anticipate, is mimicking some of the actions in the film. Like when Shrek hikes his leg and expresses great satisfaction at letting a huge fart. Or when Fiona burps loudly. Or when Shrek yells at the fairy-tale creatures to get out of his swamp. She sticks her finger in her ear and pretends to make candles out of what she finds there. She spits enthusiastically. I have realized I'm raising an ogre.

For all of my concern about the language in the film, it never occurred to me that the actions might be worse. Film quotes are usually recognizable for what they are -- most people would probably realize she's just repeating something she heard on TV. But when she pretends to fart, or makes fake burping noises, do people think this is something she learned from me?! Do they think I'm proud of the fact that she spits like a major league baseball player?

I am NOT, in fact, proud of this. I should work harder at teaching her that that sort of behavior is not appropriate. But I have a hard time restraining my laughter when she imitates Shrek -- the fact is, it's pretty funny to see my petite little lady-like girl hike her butt-cheek and let a huge pretend fart.


  1. We've grappled with many of the same issues and it is funny, until her teacher/day care worker wants to "have a meeting."

  2. HAHA that is awesome! I'm worried that my daughter will end up picking her nose a lot (I 'scratch' my nose) and saying things like 'you've GOT to be shitting me!